MUET Convocation

Invest in Excellence and Ignite Possibilities

Step into the future with Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, where your enduring support paves the way for transformative education. Your commitment to our alma mater is a cornerstone in the foundation of greatness.

Innovative Learning Grants

Assist innovation by facilitating grants that support creative instructional methods and hands-on learning to make sure our students are geared up for a dynamic future.


Pioneering Discovery Contribution

Propel groundbreaking discoveries and research initiatives. Your donation to this fund streamlines the quest for imaginative responses to grasping global concerns.


Infrastructural Funds

Build the future of MUET by supporting cutting-edge infrastructure projects. Your investment creates an environment that invigorates learning, collaboration, and forward-thinking.


Student Empowerment

Foster a network for encouragement of students’ holistic development. Your contribution to this network renders tools for acquiring leadership skills, career-building prospects, and mentoring operations.


Global Impact

Elevate our global influence and connections. Contribute to an endowment that drives global collaborations, initiatives, and affiliations, strengthening our visibility internationally.

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Digital Advancement Initiative

Bring us wholeheartedly into the digital era. Your backing of this endeavor affirms that Mehran University of Engineering and Technology will always be at the cutting-edge of advancements in technology in both education and research.

Huawei ME

Emerging Scholars Fellowship

Foster the forthcoming generation of scholars by providing funding for fellowships that allow exceptionally bright individuals to conduct worthwhile research and render significant contributions to the scholarly community.

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“Each investment is a testament of your conviction in a future carved by education”.