MUET Alumni

The MUET Alumni is a platform to promote and facilitate lifelong links between the University and its Alumni. It is dedicated to building an active relationship between MUET and its graduates as well as being a great source of inspiration for the current students through frequent meetings, counseling, and guidance from the graduates.

Main objectives of the alumni office are as under:


Inspire and engage our alumni in a lifelong commitment to support the university and make a better community around it.


By community, we mean our alumni, students, faculty members, staff, donors, partners, university, and everyone around it.


To reach, inspire, engage and support current and future alumni of the university by nourishing pride, celebrating achievements, inspiring volunteerism and giving, and providing lifelong learning opportunities for personal and professional growth, to bring benefit to the alumni, university, and community around it.


We are committed to connecting
with our alumni through frequent
communications and thoughtful


We are committed to connecting a
diverse community, sharing common
attitudes, interests, and goals to
empower our alumni, university,
and community around us


We are committed to providing
quality and excellence in all our


We are committed to the
development of original ideas,
knowledge, and innovative
approaches to solving complex


Supporting the university’s
philanthropic campaigns by building
a pipeline of community, and
involving alumni in fundraising and


We are committed to engaging our
alumni in the progress of the
university and future alumni.

MUET Alumni


The Membership of MUET Alumni is free os cost and open to all the graduates and graduating students of the university. However, they are required to register with us. We are working to improve and the experience for our alumni, beyond the walls of the university is campus and nothing makes us happier than seeing our alumni come together and sharing their success.